USA Made Fishing Rods

We rated the top 9 US fishing rod manufacturers & brands.

The overall rating came out to be 4.7 out of a possible 5.

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This list might include fishing rods assembled from materials 100% made in America, but some might also contain a percentage of parts sourced outside the US.

St. Croix Rods

St. Croix Rod is a family-owned manufacturer of high-performance graphite and fiberglass fishing rods headquartered in Park Falls,Wisconsin.
They offer a complete line of premium, American-made fly, spinning and casting rods.
4.5 Stars
Their rods are designed and engineered in Park Falls,Wisconsin, in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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For over 25 years, Falcon has been at the forefront of rod design and innovation, pursuing that perfect combination of quality and performance.
Quality starts with the finest components and materials in the world. Freshwater or saltwater, we believe Falcon makes the some of best rods money can buy.
4.5 Stars
On their American made rods, they start with USA sourced aviation-grade carbon fiber and craft the blanks themselves in-house. This hands-on process and decades of experience gives them the unique ability to fine tune actions. But quality doesn’t stop there. They finish each rod with the finest components available--100% Fuji guides and reel seats.

Among their latest advancements are rod blanks utilizing their all-new CrossMatch™ technology. Featuring multiple, cross-directional, layers of Japanese carbon fiber, CrossMatch blanks are ultra-light, super-sensitive and exceptionally strong. This state-of-the-art composite is used in their all-new, top-of-the-line, Expert Series.

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Cajun Rods

Cajun Rods are some of the finest USA manufactured fishing rods on the market today because they have always been designed, engineered, and fished by American anglers.
They begin with a proprietary Cajun Fiber X-treme or AirSteel rod blank and turn it into one of 46 different models of pure fishing splendor.
4.9 Stars
Veteran owned and operated since 2007.
Why Cajun Rods®?
100% Made in the USA
CFX™ Rod Blank Designs
Priced Perfect since 2007
Harmonically Tuned Rods
Precision Balanced Rods
FUJI® Quality Components
Duracore™ Handle Systems
ACURIGHT™ Handle Systems
Handcrafted USA-Tough
Choose from 60+ Rod Models


Carbon X rod models are developed one at a time and are as individual as the fishing techniques and fishing tasks they are designed for.
Every rod is built in the USA. Carbon X blanks are built in the USA using graphite and carbon fiber produced in the USA.
4.9 Stars
Design Features include:
AFD - Action Forward Design
In most models we have moved the action forward and the reel seat back to put more of the rod where you can use it to cast and fish with. This makes a shorter rear grip which no longer hangs in clothing and bruises while giving a performance advantage of 2 to 4 more inches of rod length to the angler in the same length rod.

VBT - Variable Blank and Hoop Taper
Varying the blank taper rather than using a constant taper delivers the greatest hoop strength thru out the entire blank length. Varying the Hoop diameter also allows greater rod strength and contributes to greater sensitivity. This is a more difficult blank design to manufacture but provides increases in action transition zone strength and greatly enhances sensitivity.


Edge rods are meticulously hand rolled and finished with the highest quality guides and materials, by Gary Loomis and his team of rod artisans.
100% Made in USA Spinning, Casting, Inshore, Fly, Surf & Pelagic Fishing Rods.
4.9 Stars
Edge is a new type of business. Most companies cut costs on materials or labor to hit price points set by retail buyers on store shelves, most of these products are marked up by fifty or even one hundred percent. Edge is different. They sell directly to the consumer so they can eliminate retail markups. By owning their factory, and not having any middlemen they can make products with no compromise in quality.


Whether you are looking for the finest fishing rod, the largest fishing rod repair service or split bamboo refinishing of your classic rod, Grandt delivers.
All rods are made in the USA with the finest components available and come with a Lifetime Warranty.
4.5 Stars


Hand-crafted one at a time in Harrison Arkansas, Hammer Fishing Rods are built using 100% graphite, hand-rolled blanks for unsurpassed quality.
Individually flex-tested before assembly, the Hammer Fishing Casting Rods are built by anglers for anglers with an extreme focus on power, sensitivity, and performance.
4.5 Stars
Blanks are 100% graphite, hand rolled and flex-tested before assembled. Quality continues with the finest components; Fuji micro guides, Fuji graphite blank-exposed reel seat and Winn split grip handle. One aspect of the rod building process that stands Hammer apart is that each rod is hand wrapped in the homes of women who vary from stay-at-home moms, moms of special needs children or women that offer they home care to elderly adults in an effort to earn extra income for their family. Hammer Fishing Rods proudly offers an excellent American Made product to the fishing industry at an affordable price.


Kistler Custom Fishing Rods is committed to making the best fishing rods in the world with great American craftsmanship.
Serious fishermen all over the world choose a Kistler Custom Fishing Rod to give them the competitive edge. Whether it's the FLW Tour, BASS Elite Tour or the Bassmaster Classic.
4.9 Stars


Started in 2005 Razr Rods LLC is a USA owned company and is proud that all their Razr Rods are hand made in the United States of America.
All RaZr Rods® are constructed using the Industries Leading Technology with a 58 million modulus high strain graphite blank.
4.5 Stars