US Hunting Bow Manufacturers & Brands

2018 List of American Made Bows.

We have compiled a list of U.S. bow manufacturers & brands, which might include large corporations, small companies and individuals.

There are currently 10 companies in this list, which might include bows assembled from materials 100% manufactured here in America, but some may also contain a percentage of components sourced outside the USA.

We've included a few details about the companies and their products along with direct links to both the manufacturer & various on-line retailers where you can get the latest prices, shipping costs, special offers & more.

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Avian Bows

The Avian is an “all American made” ILF recurve. The Avian is a very well balanced, fast, quiet and extremely accurate bow. Being pre-drilled for sights, a cushion plunger, and a stabilizer makes the Avian a very versatile bow.

Best Made Company

The American Longbow, favorited by the most storied archers in recorded history. Whether chosen as an introduction to archery or for the pursuit of mastery, their string-follow Longbow offers unparalleled accuracy and smooth shooting.

Black Widow Bows

Black Widow bows are unique in design and very complex to build. Just the handle alone has up to thirty-seven glue lines (depending on the model) and requires as many man-hours to build as do most complete traditional bows being made today. Lightning fast limbs are tapered and tillered as only Black Widow bowyers know how. The result of all this effort and expertise is a bow.. a legendary bow...a Black Widow bow...whose smoothness, stability and speed will amaze you.

Bob Lee Custom Bows

Since 1951, Bob Lee Archery has been a pioneer in promoting traditional archery through the manufacture of traditional take down recurves, long bows and stick bows. The best in customer satisfaction and value, our recurves and longbows, takedowns and one-pieces, offer the finest in traditional archery.


Kodabow builds crossbows in the USA using state of the art manufacturing processes and materials. They do not take shortcuts. Everything they do is well done and every feature on our crossbow has a reason driving the development. The objective is to build a finely finished and highly durable sporting arm with solid performance characteristics and high accuracy. You can immediately feel the difference when you pick up a Kodabow crossbow. You will be convinced when you pull the trigger.

Martin Archery

They’ve invested millions into technology and infrastructure to support their aim in creating the best products in the archery industry.

While many companies choose to outsource the majority of their product manufacturing, at Martin Archery, They’ve held strong in their commitment to create products solely in the United States.


Parker Bows

Parker Compound Bows, Inc. is one of the largest producers of compound bows and crossbows in the world. Parker's rapid growth and success can be attributed to the highest quality, amazing performance and unmatched customer service. Parker's attention to detail results in a superior product that is made in America and carries an industry leading Lifetime Warranty for the original owner.


Primal Gear Unlimited

It is very important to Primal Gear Unlimited to produce a quality, dependable product, but they also have pride in employing local people, and producing a product entirely made in the USA. The Compact Folding Survival Bow model 1, CFSB-1 for short, is manufactured locally. The riser is machined from T-6 aircraft grade aluminum, so it is light, tough and strong. The fiberglass for the limbs come from an American Company, as well as the strings, and the arrows that they offer.

PSE Archery

Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) is the largest manufacturer of compound bows, target bows, crossbows, and traditional recurve bows in the world. Focused on cutting-edge bow technology, PSE engineers the fastest compound hunting bow on the market, the 370 fps PSE Full Throttle, as well as the most affordable high-performance bow in the world, the Stinger-X. All of PSE’s compound bows are proudly made in America at their Tucson, AZ production facility.


Spink Wood Bows

Spink Wood Bows LLC are proud to have your business. All items are made solely in the USA. Their passion is crafting custom handmade wooden bows, arrows and accessories for you. They have 12 years of experience making, shooting and hunting with these great products and feel lucky that they get to do so.

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Some of the companies listed in this directory that produce hunting products here in America, might also have them manufactured in other countries as well. Many businesses alter their brand names, manufacturing practices and product designs with little or no notice, so if there are questions that still remain, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly.