Products Made in USA

You might be asking yourself who still makes products in America?, well, we are compiling lists of companies that design, engineer, assemble and/or 100% make products here in the USA.

The various lists include large corporations, small businesses and individuals. We are also currently in the process of applying a grading system to each manufacture/brand/product, to provide better clarity as to where and how much of the item is made in America.

Is it American made?, or made in USA? While the Federal Trade Commission has guidelines on what can legally be labeled 'Made in the USA', we hold to the following:

Any product that is produced using any amount of labor, materials, engineering and/or intellectual property that is sourced here in the US, is then considered by us to be at least in part, made in America, no matter where the final assembly takes place.

American Manufacturer & Brands List

You will find many things made from the natural resources available here, such as from trees harvested from the forests, from minerals & ores mined from quarries, animals raised on farms or from crops grown here, both factory produced & individually handcrafted.

Apart from finding things which we use everyday, many are one of a kind, such as arts and craft items, clothing, toys and all kinds of unique foods and holiday gifts.